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Culture Brain Working on 3DS

2011-01-21 - Forever small publisher says that it has three games in the works.  Read More »

Noritaka Funamizu Details Earth Seeker

2011-01-21 - Craft & Meister's long awaited Wii RPG has a final date. Now get a new look.  Read More »

Akiba's Trip: The Underwear Explained

2011-01-20 - Acquire's new official site helps us close in on the mysterious underwear tease.  Read More »

Elemental Monster 100 Yen Period Extended

2011-01-20 - Hudson's PlayStation 3 online game the top ranking title four weeks in a row.  Read More »

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Demo Gets an Update

2011-01-20 - Sega -- not Square Enix -- adds missions and modes to the demo... which is totally free, by the way.  Read More »

Spike Bringing Homefront to Japan

2011-01-20 - North Korean invasion of the US to be fully localized for Japanese audiences.  Read More »

Before There Was Metal Gear, There Was "Intruder"

2011-01-20 - Hideo Kojima cleans his shelf and finds some precious design materials from 20 years back.  Read More »

Wii's Earth Seeker Arrives in April

2011-01-20 - Long awaited title from Street Fighter designer gets a final release date and a new trailer.  Read More »

Konami Preparing Hudson Takeover

2011-01-20 - Bomberman maker to become wholly owned subsidiary of Love Plus maker.  Read More »

First Look: Tenku no Kishi Rodea

2011-01-20 - Kadokawa Games holds a press conference to announce the new game from Sonic and Nights creator Yuji Naka.  Read More »

3DS Gundam Game Detailed

2011-01-20 - Namco Bandai delivers a Gundam game early on in the system's life.  Read More »

NESiCAxLive King of Fighters Hit on the 24th

2011-01-20 - "Final Editions" of two Ultimate Match titles for Taito's arcade distribution system.  Read More »

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