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Gal Gun Team Originally Told to Make Side Scrolling Action Game

2011-01-25 - Development staff shares development secrets and discusses overseas version and Kinect support.  Read More »

Catherine is Dengeki Games' Cover Girl

2011-01-24 - You'll have to explain to the cute Tsutaya clerk that it's just a video game magazine.  Read More »

The Last Story: A Tour of Ruli City

2011-01-24 - Director Hironobu Sakaguchi shows us the game's main location and reveals his fascination with cats, meat and signs.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get: D Style

2011-01-24 - Square Enix info is leaking out in advance! Read here.  Read More »

Carry Your Data Over to Dream Club Zero

2011-01-24 - D3 outlines download content and more at Akihabara event. Plus, the Dream Club ad bus returns!  Read More »

Rodea the Sky Soldier Trailer

2011-01-24 - See Yuji Naka's Wii and 3DS flight game in motion. Plus, the latest character details.  Read More »

Top Runner Akihiro Hino Discusses Ni no Kuni

2011-01-24 - Level-5 CEO hoped for faster DS version sales, adding new stuff to PS3 version.  Read More »

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