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3DS Memo, Friend List and Other Features Detailed

2011-01-29 - Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata highlights the system's utility functions.  Read More »

SCE CEO Shares NGP Details

2011-01-29 - No video out. Wi-Fi only versions under consideration. System uses original OS.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Teaser Site Opens

2011-01-29 - Nintendo's new mystery Wii title comes out this Spring.  Read More »

Nintendo Details 3DS Update Plans

2011-01-29 - eShop and system transfers for DSi Ware and 3DS software on the way post launch.  Read More »

Nintendo Unveils New Wii Titles

2011-01-29 - Tower of Pandora, Rhythm Heaven, Kirby and more shown at earnings briefing.  Read More »

The 3rd Birthday: 80,000 Shower Scenes Watched

2011-01-28 - And as you watch Aya take a shower, Square Enix watches you.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia: Get Your First Look at Alvin

2011-01-28 - Screens and art for the third playable character in the new PS3 Tales game.  Read More »

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

2011-01-28 - A few pics of the FFXIII sequel via the official site's new "gallery" section.  Read More »

Meet Miles Edgeworth at Tsutaya

2011-01-28 - Ace Attorney Investigations 2 being promoted through life-size replica of main character.  Read More »

Akiba's Trip Gets a Promo Video

2011-01-28 - School girls soar through the air and get their skirts torn off. Just another day in Akihabara.  Read More »

Nintendo CEO Comments on NGP

2011-01-28 - 3DS and NGP attempting to appeal to customers from different directions, says Iwata.  Read More »

Kitase and Toriyama Talk FFXIII-2 and Fabula Nova Crystallis

2011-01-28 - Hold on to your save data, because there may be some bonuses!  Read More »

First Look: Akiba's Trip

2011-01-28 - Face off against vampires on the streets of Akihabara in this new PSP title from the makers of Way of the Samurai.  Read More »

Nintendo Lowers Console Sales Targets

2011-01-28 - Slower sales and rising yen cause sharp earnings drop.  Read More »

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