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Your Favorite Namco Characters Play Ball

2011-02-10 - Get your first look at Idolmaster, Tekken, God Eater Ace Combat and more in 3DS's new baseball game.  Read More »

Sing Along With Yakuza Of the End

2011-02-09 - Karaoke music from upcoming zombie sequel appears at actual karaoke halls.  Read More »

Dead or Alive Dimensions' Figure Mode Detailed

2011-02-09 - Collect over 1,000 figure variations, and take 3D photos of them too.  Read More »

Famitsu's Readers Excited About Sony's NGP

2011-02-09 - Over 75% of readers say they want the new system. Monster Hunter and high quality visuals are biggest draws.  Read More »

Nippon Ichi Stock Surges on High Disgaea Hopes

2011-02-09 - Investors expect upcoming PS3 sequel to double sales of predecessor.  Read More »

Ys III and More Hit PSN Next Week

2011-02-09 - Side scrolling successor to greatest game ever made shut up it's my site and I'll say whatever I want being released alongside latest SuperGrafx game.  Read More »

Marvelous Cancels Major PS3 and Xbox 360 RPG

2011-02-09 - Large scale RPG dropped after considerations for future market environment.  Read More »

Yakuza Of the End: Partner System and Kamurocho Underground

2011-02-09 - Our latest look at Sega's zombie infused Yakuza game, which hits in just over a month!  Read More »

Namco Bandai 3DS Baseball Game Has Major Cameos

2011-02-09 - Characters from Idolmaster, Tekken, God Eater and... Ace Combat? to appear in upcoming title.  Read More »

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