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Senran Kagura Official Site Opens

2011-04-14 - Planner and Enormous Breast Producer Kenichiro Takaki explains himself in newly opened official blog.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Supports Classic Controller and Motion Controls

2011-04-13 - Swing your chain with the Wiimote, or just use buttons! The latest on Nintendo's new Wii action RPG.  Read More »

Little Battler eXperience Pushed Back Again

2011-04-13 - Long awaited Level-5 PSP title now arriving in June, reports Coro Coro Comics.  Read More »

Persona 2 PSP Hits Tomorrow!

2011-04-13 - Some final images from the official blog. Plus, guess what game is featured on the big two magazines this week?  Read More »

Dino Crisis 2, Pocket Fighter Hit Game Archives Today

2011-04-13 - Big PlayStation classics to be followed by PC Engine's R-Type next week.  Read More »

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Official Site Opens

2011-04-13 - Site confirms June 16 release date for 3DS remake of Nintendo 64 classic.  Read More »

Star Fox 64 3D Hits on July 14

2011-04-13 - Nintendo opens teaser site and confirms final release date for 3DS remake.  Read More »

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