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Nintendo CEO Does Not Expect Recovery Until Fall

2011-04-26 - Excitement for new product like the 3DS has cooled, says Iwata. Company considers this a "restart."  Read More »

Gungnir Getting Download Release

2011-04-25 - Latest from the official Q&A for Sting's new strategy title.  Read More »

Iwata Discusses Wii 2 at Earnings Briefing

2011-04-25 - 3D not a focus for the system, says CEO. System being released because developers having hard time delivering surprises on Wii.  Read More »

Latest Kinect Brain Training Kinect Update Hits Tomorrow

2011-04-25 - Two new training exercises in second round of download content for Namco Bandai launch title.  Read More »

Nintendo Sales and Earnings Down Sharply From Last Year

2011-04-25 - Exchange losses and DS price reduction contribute to lowered earnings.  Read More »

Nintendo Announces Wii Successor

2011-04-25 - System to be playable at E3 this June. Release set for calendar 2012.  Read More »

Ragnarok Princess of Light and Dark Screenshots

2011-04-25 - Original strategy RPG based off the Ragnarok franchise hits PSP this Fall.  Read More »

PSN Chrono Trigger Confirmed

2011-04-25 - Third version of classic RPG arriving this Spring.  Read More »

Chrono Trigger Split in Two For Cell Phones

2011-04-25 - Classic RPG also coming to Wii tomorrow and PSN this Spring.  Read More »

Phantasy Star Online 2 -- First Video Footage

2011-04-25 - Check out the game's four minute debut trailer, filled with tempting gameplay.  Read More »

What Does 5pb.'s New Name "Mages" Mean?

2011-04-25 - Plus, find out where you can meet CEO Chiyomaru Shikura!  Read More »

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