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Pokemon, PSP Top the Charts

2011-04-28 - Nintendo's Pokemon typing tutor with Bluetooth keyboard leads in software as PSP surges back into the top hardware spot.  Read More »

Ougon Musoukyoku X Screenshots

2011-04-28 - Alchemist brings the 2D doujin fighter home to Xbox 360.  Read More »

Kaito Tenshi Twin Angels Screenshots

2011-04-28 - This PSP adventure game from Alchemist is based off a pachinko machine and has "slot battles."  Read More »

Sakaagari Hurricane Portable Screenshots

2011-04-28 - PSP's latest love adventure game from Alchemist is set for Summer.  Read More »

Treasure Report Screenshots

2011-04-28 - More characters and puzzles from Namco Bandai's Layton clone.  Read More »

Tokyo Jungle Screenshots

2011-04-28 - Latest screens show the game's story and survival modes.  Read More »

Cave Readying Akai Katana Shin Demo

2011-04-27 - Makoto Asada sacrifices his vacation time to get demo of upcoming shooter to Xbox 360 players.  Read More »

Square Enix Unveils Mystery Mobile Title

2011-04-27 - Imaginary Range hits iPhone and Android in May, priced to move at free!  Read More »

Tri-Ace x Konami Part 2: Beyond the Labyrinth is a 3D RPG

2011-04-27 - The second of two projects announced by Konami and Star Ocean developer tri-Ace is for 3DS.  Read More »

Tri-Ace x Konami Part 1: Frontier Gate Detailed

2011-04-27 - It's like Monster Hunter. Except it's an RPG. And it's turn based. And it's made by the folks behind Star Ocean!  Read More »

Infinite Space Developer Working on PSP Action Adventure for Konami

2011-04-27 - Nude Maker and Konami unveil Senritsu no Stratos in this week's Famitsu.  Read More »

The Post Earthquake Yakuza Of The End

2011-04-27 - Sega readies a special box with messages of support from Kazuma and Haruka.  Read More »

Famitsu Not Amused by Irem's April Fools' Joke

2011-04-27 - Publisher's April Fools' Day joke turned PSP RPG gets slapped with a low four.  Read More »

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