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Young Rorona Really Is Adorable!

2011-04-29 - Have a look at the three ateliers in Atelier Meruru.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0: Moogles and Missions at Famitsu.com

2011-04-29 - Get a first look at some of the most recent announcements for PSP's big summer release.  Read More »

Binary Domain Trailer and Screens

2011-04-29 - Sega provides a new look at the multiplatform shooter from the makers of Yakuza.  Read More »

ToHeart 2 Dungeon Travelers Screens & Bonus Items

2011-04-28 - Aqua Plus readying PSP 3D dungeon RPG featuring characters from ToHeart 2.  Read More »

Even King of Fighters Has a Social Game

2011-04-28 - SNK Playmore converts the fighter into a social app for Mobage.  Read More »

Chaos Rings Omega Screenshots

2011-04-28 - A closer look at the prequel to Square Enix's original iPhone RPG.  Read More »

No More Heroes Red Zone Screens

2011-04-28 - A handful of tiny screenshots from the Z-rated PlayStation 3 re-release.  Read More »

Select Your Favorite Falcom Heroine

2011-04-28 - Top three vote getters to be converted into Nendoroid form. See all 125 candidates here!  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Videos

2011-04-28 - See the chain and weapon mechanics of NIntendo and Ganvarion's Wii action title.  Read More »

Shin Koihime Musou Arcade Edition Screenshots

2011-04-28 - This 2D arcade fighter arrives in July, with a location test set for May.  Read More »

Mega Man Legends 3 Screenshots

2011-04-28 - Our latest look at the Legends revival shows some familiar characters along with the new hero and heroine.  Read More »

PS3 Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater 2 -- First Screens

2011-04-28 - Sega finalizes the name and shares first screens for the PS3 expansion to the second PSP Hatsune Miku game.  Read More »

New Lord of Vermilion Features BlazBlue and King of Fighters Cameos

2011-04-28 - Square Enix teams up with SNK, Arc System Works and Sega for summer update.  Read More »

The Weapons of Pandora's Tower

2011-04-28 - Use your chain and sub weapons to navigate the tower and collect that beast flesh!  Read More »

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