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Imageepoch CEO's Most Influential RPG Was...

2011-05-03 - RPG powerhouse CEO Ryoei Mikage talks about influences and sales targets in recent interview.  Read More »

Yes, there's a book about Idolmaster jets

2011-05-03 - Hasegawa releasing full color book about Idolmaster themed jet models.  Read More »

Binary Domain Screenshots

2011-05-03 - Lots of gameplay screens straight from the official site.  Read More »

Instant Brain Screenshots

2011-05-03 - Our first in-game look at the first adventure game from Cave shoot-em-up master Makoto Asada.  Read More »

Photo Girlfriend: First Trailer

2011-05-02 - Kadokawa shares a six minute trailer for its new PSP photo themed love sim.  Read More »

Ever 17 Promo Video

2011-05-02 - Take a look at the classic adventure game, remade on the Xbox 360.  Read More »

El Shaddai: The Prototype

2011-05-02 - This is what El Shaddai looked like four years ago when it was "Angelic: Ascension of the Metatron."  Read More »

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