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Guess the Mysterious Senran Kagura Character

2011-05-10 - Full official site coming later this month. Until then, let's fill in the silhouettes!  Read More »

Nendoroid Generation Teaser Trailer

2011-05-09 - Cute game, cute trailer... once you get past all the logos.  Read More »

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screenshots

2011-05-09 - King, Marduk, Yoshimitsu, Dragunov and Bryan in these latest screens of the upcoming arcade fighter.  Read More »

First Look: Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011

2011-05-09 - Official site opens for mysterious new Dragon Ball game, complete with some tiny screenshots.  Read More »

This Week's Video Game Gum Report

2011-05-09 - Love Plus and major online PC title get new candy products.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia Possibly Arriving in August

2011-05-09 - Namco Bandai may have let slip a release date in Tales of the Abyss DVD box set announcement.  Read More »

Inafune Shares Past Capcom Development Secrets

2011-05-09 - Former development head reveals sneaky strategy for getting Lost Planet and Dead Rising approved.  Read More »

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