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Over 500 Parts in Armored Core V

2011-05-17 - The latest parts, moves and weapons for the new Armored Core.  Read More »

Pac-Man Dimensions Does Have Ghosts

2011-05-17 - Some familiar faces and shapes return for 3DS rethinking of classic franchise.  Read More »

Sangokurensenki Otome no Heihou Screenshots

2011-05-17 - PS2 version of PC otome game hits on June 16. Take a look at the latest bonus item shots, screenshots and artwork.  Read More »

Animal Resort Has Extinct Animals

2011-05-17 - Add Dodos, Mammoths and Quaggas to your collection in 3DS zoo sim.  Read More »

Senran Kagura Screenshots

2011-05-17 - Marvelous provides the latest look at its naughty 3DS game.  Read More »

Mugen Makai Disgaea Screenshots

2011-05-16 - This free Android entry in the Disgaea series puts you in control of a Prinny as you challenge the dungeons of Item World.  Read More »

Dragon's Dogma Griffon Screenshots

2011-05-16 - A closer look at a large beast in Capcom's take on Demon's Souls.  Read More »

Virtua Fighter Crosses with El Shaddai

2011-05-16 - Classic phrases from El Shaddai to appear in VF5 Final Showdown.  Read More »

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