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Chaos Rings Omega Now Available

2011-05-20 - First trailer for Chaos Rings II coming later tonight!  Read More »

Bikkuriman Screenshots

2011-05-19 - Nippon Ichi's first 3DS title is a kanji game based around a type of candy.  Read More »

Gungnir Screenshots

2011-05-19 - Sting's new strategy title is available today. Take a look at the latest screens.  Read More »

Sony Demonstrates Markerless Augmented Reality Technology

2011-05-19 - New technology can recognize real life objects, without the need for special markers.  Read More »

Queen's Gate: Noel Vermilion and the Panic Screen

2011-05-19 - What to do when mom comes in while you're blasting your enemy with mysterious fluid from a different dimension.  Read More »

Draw In-Game Items in GAE's New 3DS Adventure Title

2011-05-19 - Girl-oriented 3DS title lets you draw special drawings for romantic events and tea time.  Read More »

Enterbrain Expects 3DS to Be 2011's Top Seller

2011-05-19 - Famitsu publisher expecting hardware slowdown despite 3DS and Wii 2 release.  Read More »

Iwata Asks About Resident Evil

2011-05-19 - Producer Masachika Kawata fields questions on the two 3DS Resident Evil games.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Screenshots

2011-05-19 - Full size shots of the iPhone version of Monster Hunter.  Read More »

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