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Takahashi Meijin is a Hudson Trademark

2011-05-25 - Toshiyuki Takahashi may no longer be able to use his nickname of 25 years once he leaves Hudson later this month.  Read More »

Marvelous Planning Multiple NGP Titles This Year

2011-05-25 - Publisher's earnings statement promises NGP support and shares last year's sales figures.  Read More »

Kamen Rider Generation Screenshots

2011-05-25 - The latest Kamen Rider game hits DS on August 4, with over 27 riders and a two character partner play system.  Read More »

Anarchy Reigns: Leo Video

2011-05-25 - The eighth character in the upcoming multiplayer online action title from Platinum and Sega.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0 Update

2011-05-24 - Just who is Gilgamesh? Plus, new world map and battle details!  Read More »

New Club Nintendo Goodies

2011-05-24 - A Kirby pouch and a Donkey Kong Country soundtrack join the lineup.  Read More »

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