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Pandora's Tower: Celebrity Play Session 2

2011-05-26 - Over fourteen minutes of gameplay from Wii's new action-adventure title.  Read More »

Adventure Game code_18 Due for PSP and Xbox 360

2011-05-26 - New entry in the Infinity series coming to both platforms in September. First screens and details.  Read More »

Toriko Hits PSP with Gourmet Survival Action

2011-05-26 - Screens and gameplay details for Namco Bandai's game conversion of the manga and anime.  Read More »

Akihabara Vampire Hunting Game Tops the Charts

2011-05-26 - Akiba's Trip finally manages to push Dragon Quest from the top. PSP remains in top in hardware.  Read More »

Radiant Silvergun and Half-Minute Hero Bits and Pieces

2011-05-25 - A few new details on these two Xbox Live Arcade titles.  Read More »

Irem's Kazuma Kujo Forms New Company

2011-05-25 - The man behind Disaster Report and Bumpy Trot now working at "Granzella."  Read More »

Dance Central Japanese Commercial

2011-05-25 - Microsoft promotes the Kinect dance title through commercials and play videos.  Read More »

Keiji Inafune's Book Released Today

2011-05-25 - So this is what Atsushi Inaba was Tweeting about! Or maybe not...  Read More »

Puyo Puyo!! Screenshots

2011-05-25 - Our latest look at Sega's 20th anniversary Puyo Puyo game.  Read More »

Yakuza Of the End Screenshots

2011-05-25 - A look at Tetsuo Nikaido and Hiroshi Hayashi. Hayashi returns in zombie form!  Read More »

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