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2nd Super Robot Wars OG Screenshots

2011-05-27 - OG comes to PS3. Have a look at some of the characters and mecha.  Read More »

Gundam Memories Screenshots

2011-05-27 - A look at mission mode, a few of your moves, and the latest Mobile Suit additions.  Read More »

Radiant Silvergun XLA Resurfaces

2011-05-26 - Microsoft shares the latest screens and details for the remake of the Treasure classic.  Read More »

Samurai Shodown's Iroha in Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos

2011-05-26 - The latest character reveals for Bandai Namco's... uhh, I think it's a strategy game?  Read More »

GREE Invests in Kingdom Hearts Developer

2011-05-26 - Social gaming giant buys stock in HAND, a studio known for Kingdom Hearts and Chocobo.  Read More »

Sony Still Aiming for May Japanese PSN Restart

2011-05-26 - Company says it has not given up during earnings briefing.  Read More »

Dragon Quest Treasure Box Costs a Treasure

2011-05-26 - Recreation of 1998 Dragon Quest item includes a Slime stuffed animal.  Read More »

Xbox 360 Now Bundled With Monster Hunter Sampler

2011-05-26 - Microsoft and Capcom allow players to sample Frontier through hunter rank 2.  Read More »

Tales of the Abyss Screenshots

2011-05-26 - The 3DS version of the PS2 mothership title arrives on June 30. These screens show special attacks, cut-ins, casino, labyrinth and Tales of Dragon Buster elements.  Read More »

Dengeki Games Closes Shop

2011-05-26 - ASCII closing off multiplatform monthly publication.  Read More »

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