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Sony Teasing New Game Announcement

2011-05-27 - Discover the mysterious man who walks endlessly through the desert.  Read More »

Hideo Kojima Answers Big Questions

2011-05-27 - No MGS4 port for NGP. No MGS5 announcement at E3. MGS 3D this year. And more...  Read More »

Platinum Metal Gear Solid Rising Rumor Possibly Debunked

2011-05-27 - Twitter exchange between Hideo Kojima and Hideki Kamiya suggests no truth to recent rumor.  Read More »

Asian PSN Restarting Tomorrow

2011-05-27 - Partial service joined by Welcome Back pack that includes free games and other bonuses.  Read More »

No Fumito Ueda at E3

2011-05-27 - Head of Team ICO will not be in Los Angeles for gaming's biggest event.  Read More »

Tekken Blood Vengeance Japanese Voice Cast Revealed

2011-05-27 - Maya Sakamoto and other major talents provide voices for upcoming CG flick.  Read More »

Grand Knights History Screenshots

2011-05-27 - Character creation and the sorceress Mira in collection of screens from Vanillaware's new PSP title.  Read More »

Kokoro no Cocoron Commercial

2011-05-27 - Namco Bandai's DS communication game is due for release on July 14.  Read More »

Shadows of the Damned Officially Announced for Japan

2011-05-27 - EA formally announces Japanese release and opens a teaser site with a sweet URL.  Read More »

Sega Celebrates 20 Years of Sonic at Joyopolis

2011-05-27 - Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima to appear at birthday party.  Read More »

Meet Binary Domain's Robot Industry and Main Characters

2011-05-27 - Sega provides the latest look at Binary Domain's background story and setting.  Read More »

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