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Konami's NeverDead Resurfaces

2011-06-02 - Meet the cast of Konami's long awaited pairing with England's Rebellion.  Read More »

Bloody Ninja Gaiden 3 Screens at Famitsu.com

2011-06-02 - PS3 and Xbox 360 Ninja Gaiden is 30% complete and due for 2012 release.  Read More »

First Look: Playable Metal Gear Solid 3D

2011-06-01 - Hideo Kojima plays the playable demo and shares a revealing pic.  Read More »

Microsoft Planning Xbox 360 Appreciation Day in Akihabara

2011-06-01 - Sample Steins;Gate and other new titles in advance. 5pb. CEO and other VIPs to appear in talk event.  Read More »

WiiWare Side Scroller La Mulana Set for June 21

2011-06-01 - Japanese release comes first for WiiWare version of freeware Windows game.  Read More »

New Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Videos

2011-06-01 - A commercial and a new trailer, straight from the Everyone's Nintendo Channel on Wii.  Read More »

See Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D and Eiji Aonuma Live Tonight!

2011-06-01 - Famitsu featuring upcoming 3DS title on live Nico Nico Video program.  Read More »

New Resident Evil For Cell Phones

2011-06-01 - Take control of Leon or Claire and bust up some zombies in this new flash game.  Read More »

Takahashi Meijin's Reveals New Workplace

2011-06-01 - Former Hudson PR man quickly finds new work at GaCha Communications.  Read More »

Sonic Generations 3DS Appears in Famitsu's release calendar

2011-06-01 - Portable version has different name from PS360 version, due for release this Winter.  Read More »

Dynasty Warriors 7 Set for PSP

2011-06-01 - Tecmo Koei readying portable version of HD Musou game. PS3 Samurai Warriors 3 Empires also confirmed.  Read More »

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