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First Real Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

2011-06-03 - Have a look at Serah and the mysterious Noel. Plus, a few story details.  Read More »

Grand Knights History First PV

2011-06-03 - Lots of gameplay in this first real trailer for Vanillaware's lovely new PSP strategy title.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming to Jump Next Week

2011-06-02 - No new details on the direct sequel just yet, but a promise of what's to come!  Read More »

7th Dragon 2020 Screenshots

2011-06-02 - Latest screens of Imageepoch's PSP RPG show the battle system and the heroes' Shinjuku base.  Read More »

Kojima Productions E3 Special Site Coming Tomorrow

2011-06-02 - Hideo Kojima to deliver video interview during Konami's press conference tomorrow.  Read More »

New Sonic Generations Names Official

2011-06-02 - Sega adds 3DS version to official site. Screenshots "coming soon."  Read More »

Uncharted 3 Official Site Opens With Movies

2011-06-02 - Have a listen at Uncharted in Japanese. Fully localized version due for 11/2 release.  Read More »

Gold Classic Controller Pro Coming to Club Nintendo

2011-06-02 - Nintendo promoting GoldenEye's Japanese release with special controller.  Read More »

DSi to 3DS Software Transfers Coming June 7

2011-06-02 - Find out how you'll transfer your old downloads to the 3DS.  Read More »

3DS e-Shop Lineup Revealed

2011-06-02 - Game Boy classics joined by a tiny selection of original efforts on June 7.  Read More »

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