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Hideo Kojima Talks Transfarring, Burger King

2011-06-04 - Transfarring possible for Xbox 360... if Microsoft releases a portable.  Read More »

Nikkei Confirms Wii 2 Controller Details

2011-06-04 - Six inch screen with camera for Nintendo's newfangled input device.  Read More »

3DS 3D Classics Series Screens

2011-06-03 - Xevious and Excite Bike launch with the e-Shop next week.  Read More »

Dark Souls Dated For September 15

2011-06-03 - From including special map and soundtrack CD as bonus items.  Read More »

Team ICO Collection Promo Video

2011-06-03 - Sony provides a new trailer to go along with today's release date and limited edition announcement.  Read More »

Team ICO Remakes Dated

2011-06-03 - ICO and Shadow of the Colossus arrive in September, individually and as part of limited edition combo pack.  Read More »

Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax Screenshots

2011-06-03 - A look at the Evil Lord 30, Princess 30 and Knight 30 components from the Xbox Live Arcade version.  Read More »

Samurai Warriors 3 Empires Screenshots

2011-06-03 - Tecmo Koei's character-packed PS3 update is due for August 25 release.  Read More »

Pokedex 3D Set for Japanese Release

2011-06-03 - Free app lets you learn more about your Black & White Pokemon.  Read More »

Binary Domain Screenshots

2011-06-03 - Combat, event scenes, and... someone's tight ass.  Read More »

Metal Gear HD and Zone of the Enders HD Detailed

2011-06-03 - Comparison pics, Transfarring info, and more for Kojima Productions' big E3 surprises!  Read More »

Hideo Kojima's New Fox Engine Revealed

2011-06-03 - Kojima Productions provides a glimpse at their new world class engine and some preliminary details on the next game from Kojima himself.  Read More »

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