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I Like Dragon's Crown

2011-06-09 - Ignition opens up a Facebook fan page for Vanillaware's new PS3/Vita action RPG.  Read More »

Xenoblade Developer's New Project is Expanding

2011-06-09 - Monolith seeks additional staff as mystery project grows.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Team Interviewed

2011-06-09 - Toriyama and Kitase discuss multiple endings, new gameplay systems, and fighting along side monsters.  Read More »

Iwata Asks About Smash Bros.

2011-06-09 - First job will be to port basics of Smash Bros. X to 3DS and Wii U.  Read More »

3DS Resident Evil Tops the Charts

2011-06-09 - Another overall slow week for software sales as PSP continues to top the hardware chart.  Read More »

A Few Additional Dragon's Crown Bits

2011-06-08 - Gain new NPCs by picking up the bones of other players.  Read More »

Hot Shots Golf Targeted For PS Vita Launch

2011-06-08 - Producer outlines 3G and Wi-Fi plans for latest take on popular golf series.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid: SD vs HD

2011-06-08 - See how much Konami has improved MGS2, MGS3 and Peace Walker for PS3 and Xbox 360 release.  Read More »

Guardian Heroes Screenshots

2011-06-08 - The Sega Saturn classic, revived for Xbox Live Arcade.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Edition Screenshots

2011-06-08 - Hideo Kojima's first Transfarring title hit PS3 and Xbox 360 in November.  Read More »

Ikki Tousen Bunny Cards Available For Limited Time

2011-06-08 - Sometimes, you make exceptions to your rule about not writing about browser games.  Read More »

Capcom Confirms Devil May Cry Movie

2011-06-08 - Screen Gems adaptation based off new entry in series, DmC: Devil May Cry.  Read More »

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