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2nd Super Robot Wars OG Screenshots

2011-06-10 - Robots and characters from Super Robot Wars D and MX. Why must the screens be so small?  Read More »

Go Vacation! Go Trailer!

2011-06-09 - Namco Bandai's new Wii mini gameathon gets its first gameplay trailer.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia Screenshots

2011-06-09 - The Long Chat system (showing full body character art!), link art combo attacks for Jude, Milla, Elise and Rowen, and the Char siblings.  Read More »

Neptune Mk-2 Screenshots With Inafune Sword

2011-06-09 - Warning: these full res shots of Keiji Inafune in Neptune Mk-2 will make you throw up.  Read More »

Tales of the Abyss Screenshots

2011-06-09 - The 3DS remake of the PS2 hit is due out in June.  Read More »

Tekken Hybrid Screenshots

2011-06-09 - Tekken Tag Tournament returns on PlayStation 3 in this bundle with CG film Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D.  Read More »

PlayStation Vita Shinobido 2 Teaser Trailer

2011-06-09 - Acquire brings back a classic for Sony's next gen portable. Have a closer look via this new trailer.  Read More »

Pokemon Rumble Followup Set for 3DS

2011-06-09 - Pokemon Co. unveils Super Pokemon Scramble, a retail Pokemon game that's due in July.  Read More »

New 3DS Color: Flare Red

2011-06-09 - First post-release color variation arriving opposite Star Fox on July 14.  Read More »

Level-5 Working on New Gundam Project

2011-06-09 - CEO Akihiro Hino handling story for "Gundam Age."  Read More »

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