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Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Screenshots

2011-06-16 - Original character Alyutta, and Jubei Yagyu from Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls. Plus, packaging shots.  Read More »

Star Fox 64 3D Screenshots

2011-06-16 - Nintendo's next N64 remake hits 3DS in July.  Read More »

PSP Weiss Schwarz Includes Second Game

2011-06-16 - Namco Bandai announces a final release date and some sweet bonus goods.  Read More »

Dancing Eyes Screenshots

2011-06-16 - PlayStation Move's existence is finally justified.  Read More »

Namco's Next Arcade Revival is Aero Cross

2011-06-16 - First trailer and screens for the modern revival of arcade classic Metro Cross.  Read More »

Rhythm Evangelion: First Look

2011-06-16 - What happens when Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture make an Eva game? Find out through these first screens!  Read More »

Itadaki Street Wii Screenshots

2011-06-16 - Following last week's debut in America as Fortune Street, Square Enix shares Japanese screens of its new digital board game that features Dragon Quest and Mario.  Read More »

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