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Gears of War 3 Japanese Release Detailed

2011-06-24 - Microsoft announces the voice cast and packaging, and tells us what's being censored.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia's Key Visual and Bonus Items

2011-06-24 - Closer look at the Stan and Cless bonus outfits, and the paid Star Driver outfits.  Read More »

Go Vacation Screenshots

2011-06-24 - Namco Bandai's Wii mini game collection has over 50 events and Balance Wii Board support.  Read More »

A Couple of New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

2011-06-24 - Because we can't handle more than two screens at a time!  Read More »

Your Resident Evil Revival Selection Packaging

2011-06-23 - Add more Resident Evil to your shelf by picking up the retail-only Japanese version.  Read More »

Sega Celebrates Sonic's 20th Anniversary

2011-06-23 - iPhone app and more as Sonic celebrates an anniversary that's divisible by five.  Read More »

Dreams of My Love Plus Girlfriend

2011-06-23 - You can be the weather girl, and I'll be the weather show producer!  Read More »

Saint Seiya Senki Trailer

2011-06-23 - Namco Bandai provides a first glimpse at the PS3 adaptation of the classic manga.  Read More »

Why the Love Plus Data Import Tool Costs Money

2011-06-23 - Konami may have been forced to implement a girlfriend import tax.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Wii U Reports Clarified

2011-06-23 - Square Enix CEO did not provide any hints about a Wii U DQX, but he did provide hints about possible launch support.  Read More »

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