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Disgaea 4 Download Content Round 2

2011-06-25 - Second round of paid and free DLC will be available whenever PSN comes back to life.  Read More »

Big Senran Kagura Announcements Coming Next Month

2011-06-25 - Watch as Marvelous announces the latest details on the busty 3DS action title.  Read More »

Nintendo Shows 3DS and Wii at World Hobby Fair

2011-06-25 - Sample Star Fox, Kid Icarus and Rhythm Heaven in advance!  Read More »

Galaga Legions DX Trailer

2011-06-24 - Next entry in Namco Generations series hits next week.  Read More »

To Heart 2 DX Plus Screenshots

2011-06-24 - New heroine Mio Hanesaki, glasses on and off, and some new PS3-only event scenes.  Read More »

Border Break 2.5 Hits Arcades Next Week

2011-06-24 - Sega's 10 vs 10 arcade mech game gets some major new features in latest update.  Read More »

The Last Guardian is Moving to Shinagawa

2011-06-24 - Team ICO head finishes boxing up his stuff for Sony's big move.  Read More »

Xenoblade Developer Making Wii U Game

2011-06-24 - Monolithsoft reveals mystery project to be for Nintendo's next generation hardware.  Read More »

Latest Sonic Generations 3DS Details

2011-06-24 - Internet play, unique stages, and the return of a classic Sonic boss.  Read More »

Sengoku Basara Chronicles Screenshots

2011-06-24 - Latest screens show the new Chronicle more, where you select a general and partner and attempt to unify Japan.  Read More »

Photo Girlfriend: Little Sister Rabbit Power

2011-06-24 - Kadokawa's girlfriend stalking sim just got weird.  Read More »

Sonic Generations 3DS Screens

2011-06-24 - Green Hill Act 1, Green Hill Act 2, classic Sonic boss Big Arm, and a Special Stage that may be familiar to Sonic Heroes players.  Read More »

Sonic Hatsune Miku and Virtual On Hatsune Miku Revealed

2011-06-24 - Get a closer look at Sega's collaborative costumes for the upcoming PSP Project Diva game.  Read More »

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