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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Full Res Screens

2011-06-30 - A few images you might have already seen, but now in English and full resolution.  Read More »

Atelier Meruru Tops the Charts

2011-06-30 - Latest PS3 Atelier title beats out some high profile newcomers but fails to give PS3 a hardware boost.  Read More »

Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime Screenshots

2011-06-30 - A look at some of Slime's moves in his new 3DS adventure.  Read More »

New Star Fox 64 3D Trailer

2011-06-29 - A five minute introduction to the 3DS version. Plus, find out where you can get a 3D clip.  Read More »

Bits from Nintendo's Shareholder Meeting Q&A

2011-06-29 - Iwata responds to questions about Wii U's reception and Nintendo's ability with HD development.  Read More »

Nintendo Shareholder Meeting Swag

2011-06-29 - Shareholders walk home with Miis for NIntendo's two top employees.  Read More »

How Yasumi Matsuno Ended Up at Level-5

2011-06-29 - Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy XII creator being given freedom at new gig.  Read More »

Capcom Developing New Online PC Game

2011-06-29 - Eight versus eight battles, and giant beasts! First details on Ixion Saga.  Read More »

Frontier Gate Teaser Trailer

2011-06-29 - Konami x tri-Ace x PSP x Monster Hunter x Turn Based Battles. Get a first look!  Read More »

First Rune Factory 4 Details

2011-06-29 - Producer promises embarrassing situations for game's love component.  Read More »

First Gundam New Gihren's Ambition Details

2011-06-29 - Take control of battle as a single pilot or commander in latest Gundam strategy title.  Read More »

Yasumi Matsuno Reportedly Joins Level-5

2011-06-29 - Maker of Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII working with Professor Layton studio.  Read More »

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