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Arika's 3DS Fighting Sample

2011-07-01 - View 3D images of the studio's test 3DS project.  Read More »

Evangelion Sound Impact Screens

2011-06-30 - Grasshopper's take on the Eva license is a rhythm game.  Read More »

Yasumi Matsuno Formally Announces Level-5 Move

2011-06-30 - Tactics Ogre creator says he's working on a small title out of Level-5's Tokyo office.  Read More »

Things not to ask at a Nintendo shareholder meeting

2011-06-30 - Plus, Nintendo's quiet show of support for quake victims.  Read More »

Sony Brings New 3D Viewing Technology to PS3

2011-06-30 - PlayView being updated for 4K resolutions, 3D support and in-game browsing.  Read More »

Love Sim Time Leap Goes 3D on PS3

2011-06-30 - Prototype bringing PC and Xbox 360 title to PS3 with some new tech.  Read More »

Capcom Opens Ixion Saga Teaser Site

2011-06-30 - Get your first look at the logo for Capcom's next online title.  Read More »

Resident Evil Revival Selection Trailer

2011-06-30 - See how the visuals have improved for the HD versions of RE4 and Code: Veronica.  Read More »

Square Enix Seeking Game Engine Developers

2011-06-30 - Development on Luminous Studio and sister "Philosophy" demo project progressing well, says Square Enix CTO.  Read More »

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