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Ochaken Set for 3DS

2011-07-01 - Nippon Columbia announces latest conversion of Sega Toys' popular franchise.  Read More »

Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends Screenshots

2011-07-01 - DW7 followup due on September 29 with new generals, new gameplay elements, and new modes like Legend Mode and Challenge Mode.  Read More »

Acquire Opens Tokyo Game Show Special Site

2011-07-01 - Acquire Bear expects to see Zombiedo at this year's event.  Read More »

Grand Knights History Gameplay Movies: Day 1 of 10

2011-07-01 - Plus, guess what former Hudson superstar is showing up at the game's demo event?  Read More »

Tekken Blood Vengeance Images

2011-07-01 - The Japanese key visual and a few images from Namco Bandai's CG Tekken flick.  Read More »

Senran Kagura Screens

2011-07-01 - Gameplay shots and pics of the rival ninjas.  Read More »

Saint Seiya Senki Screenshots

2011-07-01 - Namco Bandai shares a bunch of screens of the new PS3 adaptation.  Read More »

Yuji Naka's Fishing Game Detailed

2011-07-01 - Sonic creator's studio is working on a unique new fishing game for Namco Bandai.  Read More »

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