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3DS Tales of the Abyss Tops the Charts

2011-07-07 - Major RPG port pushes 3DS back into the top hardware spot.  Read More »

The King of Fighters Available on iPhone

2011-07-07 - Check out a clip of touchable Mai. Plus, Billy Kane gets even more work!  Read More »

Phantom Kingdom Screenshots

2011-07-07 - A closer look at the PSP port and some of the bonus items.  Read More »

Idolmaster News Coming Later Today

2011-07-06 - Dengeki teases an announcement. Speculation suggests Tales of Xillia collaboration.  Read More »

Full PlayStation Store List

2011-07-06 - Flood of releases for PS3 and PSP players.  Read More »

Tengai Makyo Jipang 7 Pulled After Three Months

2011-07-06 - Service being halted on browser-based version of classic JRPG.  Read More »

Microsoft's Takashi Sensui to Focus on Xbox Business

2011-07-06 - New organization at Microsoft Japan. Sensui admits to slow Kinect start in Japanese market.  Read More »

Sega Vintage Collection Screenshots

2011-07-06 - Sonic available on PS3 today. Golden Axe, Sonic 2, Comix Zone, Streets of Rage II due out shortly.  Read More »

Namco Bandai's Most Wanted Game Archives Titles

2011-07-06 - Publisher finally taps into most wanted list for two PSN releases today.  Read More »

Urban Champion is the Next 3DS Classics Release

2011-07-06 - Classic Famicom/NES title joined by Virtual Console release for Adventure Island II.  Read More »

3DS Final Fantasy Rhythm Game Announced

2011-07-06 - Classic music and cute characters in a new take on the RPG franchise.  Read More »

Wii Rhythm Heaven Screenshots

2011-07-06 - The first console Rhythm Heaven game hits Wii on July 21.  Read More »

Mystery Soul Calibur V Characters

2011-07-06 - Can you guess who will be shown at San Diego's Comic-Con?  Read More »

Frontier Gate Screenshots

2011-07-06 - Sigrid, Dandes and the latest screens from Konami and tri-Ace's turn based Monhan.  Read More »

Dancing Eyes Manga -- Day Two

2011-07-06 - Musaki has her fated meeting with a monkey.  Read More »

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