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Hideo Kojima Announcing Something Today

2011-07-08 - Tonight's episode of the Hideradio podcast to have an announcement of some form.  Read More »

Granzella Home Lounge Hits Next Week

2011-07-08 - Jet ski races in Home from Kazuma Kujo's new outfit.  Read More »

Sakura Wars x Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

2011-07-07 - Ogami Ichiro and Shinguji Sakura costumes and weapons released today in PSP2i, priced ¥200 to ¥300.  Read More »

Yukes Teasing New Title

2011-07-07 - Developer of many wrestling games working mysterious new Edo era title.  Read More »

Kaito Tenshi Twin Angels Retail Bonus Items

2011-07-07 - Full color glimpses at the bonus telephone cards you'll get at certain retailers.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV Volt -- Akuma Screenshots

2011-07-07 - Fight 100 wireless fights to unlock Akuma in the new iPhone Street Fighter IV.  Read More »

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