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The Prinny Itasha

2011-07-09 - Nippon Ichi covers a car -- well, some of it anyway -- in the Disgaea mascot character.  Read More »

Granzella Home Lounge Images

2011-07-09 - First product from Kazuma Kujo's new company hints Home on July 14 with four player jet ski races.  Read More »

Dragon's Dogma Screenshots

2011-07-09 - A look at some of the AI-controlled "Pawn" characters.  Read More »

Dragon's Crown Producer Commentary

2011-07-08 - Kashow Oda on multiplayer, death, stage formation and play time.  Read More »

Ro-Kyu-Bu Conversion Set for PSP

2011-07-08 - Kadokawa readying adventure game based off loli sports series.  Read More »

Code_18 Opening

2011-07-08 - The best opening ever for a game with an underscore in the title.  Read More »

Ixion Saga Screens and Art

2011-07-08 - A first look at Capcom's new online title.  Read More »

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