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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Screenshots

2011-07-21 - Newcomers Strider, Ghost Rider, Firebrand and Hawkeye in these first screens of the budget sequel.  Read More »

Steins;Gate Goes 8-Bit Through Mage's New PC Brand

2011-07-21 - Mage readying 8-bit styled version of popular adventure game, with 8 color graphics, FM sounds, and a command input system.  Read More »

First Idolmaster PS3 Screens

2011-07-21 - Yes, you can raise idols on a Sony console. And you can take pics of the girls on the beach too!  Read More »

Fortune Street Screenshots

2011-07-21 - Yoshi, Toad, Bowser and other characters shown in these latest shots of the Wii board game.  Read More »

First Look: Lollipop Chainsaw

2011-07-21 - Grasshopper Manufacture presents a zombie action game starring a cheerleader, a chainsaw, and some random guy's head.  Read More »

Famitsu Polls Gamers About PlayStation Vita

2011-07-20 - What series and companies does the average Taro Famitsu Reader want on Sony's new hardware?  Read More »

Imageepoch Spending Mega Bucks on Type-Moon Game

2011-07-20 - Next up from RPG studio is Black Rock Shooter, made by the Last Ranker team.  Read More »

Sony Opens PlayStation Vita Community Site

2011-07-20 - Blog posts, Tweets and Likes to promote Sony's new portable system.  Read More »

New Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailer

2011-07-20 - Five minutes of the latest footage from the next Fabula Nova Crystallis game.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0 Date Set

2011-07-20 - Long awaited RPG has tie-up theme song with Bump of Chicken.  Read More »

Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2.5 Gets a New Name

2011-07-20 - Pre-order bonus is CD with classic Sega music sung by Miku.  Read More »

Seven Minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0

2011-07-20 - Watch director Hajime Tabata play the recent demo.  Read More »

New Macross Hybrid Disc Due for PS3

2011-07-20 - February's Sayonara no Tsubasa to be bundled on single Blu-ray with PS3 game adaptation.  Read More »

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