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Tales of Xillia Outpacing Past Tales Games

2011-07-22 - Namco Bandai expects over 200,000 pre-orders for first original PS3 Tales game.  Read More »

Idolmaster 2 PlayStation 3 Commercial

2011-07-22 - Namco Bandai lets the world know about the new home for virtual idol raising.  Read More »

Family Fishing Screenshots

2011-07-22 - Let's enjoy fishing life with Yuji Naka's new fishing game!  Read More »

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots

2011-07-22 - Field and Battle screens, menus, and a few pieces of character art.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Celebrates Tales 15th Anniversary

2011-07-21 - Buy upcoming anniversary budget releases, and receive a Tales of Xillia custom theme.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV Volt -- Sakura and Makoto

2011-07-21 - New characters to be added with upcoming free version up.  Read More »

Sengoku Basara 3 Utage Screenshots

2011-07-21 - A look at the PS3 and Wii followup to Sengoku Basara 3.  Read More »

Anarchy Reigns Screens

2011-07-21 - Platinum's new online action title is still on the way for Japanese release in January. Check out the latest screens.  Read More »

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