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3DS Sales Fall Following Pricedrop Announcement

2011-08-04 - Queen's Gate and Devil Survivor 2 can't push Rhythm Heaven from the top spot.  Read More »

Phantom Kingdom Screenshots

2011-08-04 - The new "Papa is the Strongest Demon King" scenario, the new Peta character, and other screens from the PSP remake.  Read More »

Fortune Street Screenshots

2011-08-04 - Use your Mii in the Wii version of the Itadaki Street board game series.  Read More »

Family Fishing Screenshots

2011-08-04 - Prope's fishing game hits today. Check out the game's ranking mode and quest system.  Read More »

First Look: Heroes Fantasia

2011-08-04 - Yes, there is a crossover RPG with Sergeant Frog. Take a look at these first screens.  Read More »

A Few Heroes Fantasia Details

2011-08-03 - Story and combat details, and the developer, for Namco Bandai's new anime crossover RPG.  Read More »

PS3, PSP Fortune Arterial Cancelled

2011-08-03 - August and Kadokawa cancel home releases of adult adventure game.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0 Gets a Downloadable Demo

2011-08-03 - You'll get to sample the new Final Fantasy in advance of release.  Read More »

Twinbee Gets the 3D Classics Treatment on 3DS Next Week

2011-08-03 - Game Boy Color's Card Hero also due on Virtual Console next week.  Read More »

Binary Domain Screenshots

2011-08-03 - Event and gameplay screens show Last Crew members Charles and Rachel, and the enemy robot Golem.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Announces Anime Crossover RPG Heroes Fantasia

2011-08-03 - Characters from s.CRY.ed, Orphen, Sergeant Frog, Slayers and more to appear in new PSP title.  Read More »

Spike Readying Danganronpa Sequel for PSP

2011-08-03 - The evil Mono Bear is back, and this time he's getting Psycho Tropical!  Read More »

5pb.'s Robotics; Notes Due for PS3 and Xbox 360

2011-08-03 - Publisher continues multiplatform strategy with next entry in science adventure series.  Read More »

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