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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

2011-08-11 - Latest screens show Serah's Moogle friend who can be tossed around to hard-to-reach places to pick up hidden treasures.  Read More »

Amazon Prices Disgaea 3 Return

2011-08-11 - PlayStation Vita pricing could be a bit higher than PSP pricing.  Read More »

Disgaea 3 Return Confirmed for PlayStation Vita Launch

2011-08-11 - Nippon Ichi officially announces Vita port at Akihabara event.  Read More »

First Look: Madoka Magica Portable

2011-08-11 - Get a first look at the PSP conversion of the anime, and its huge limited edition.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0 Rem Panty Shots!

2011-08-11 - Things to do when you don't have a PSP to play the demo.  Read More »

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