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Sony Cuts PlayStation 3 Price Worldwide

2011-08-17 - System now 24,980 yen. Low priced PSP revision also announced.  Read More »

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Trailer

2011-08-16 - A long awaited updated look at From and Capcom's Kinect sequel.  Read More »

Street Fighter x Tekken Japanese Trailer

2011-08-16 - It's the same as the English one, but completion theory dictates that you watch it.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Tokyo Game Show Goods

2011-08-16 - Tote bags and clear files for sale at September's big event.  Read More »

Soul Calibur V GamesCom 2011 Trailer

2011-08-16 - Voldo, Maxi, Tira and Hilde featured in latest footage of 2012 fighting sequel.  Read More »

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