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Disgaea 4 Download Content Round 5 Screens

2011-08-18 - New paid character downloads include Nippon Ichi-chan and Plum. Plus, a free Kuro weapon, and the new Vallvatorze scenario, all due on August 31.  Read More »

A Couple of Bits About Elevator Action Deluxe

2011-08-17 - Music being arranged by Zuntata. Download content in planning.  Read More »

Atelier Series Towel Conversion Characters Selected

2011-08-17 - Totori and friends to be redrawn by Meru Kishida for life size towels.  Read More »

Kojima's Fox Engine Has Detailed Faces

2011-08-17 - A hint at the character detail we can expect from the next Kojima Productions game.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia has Adjustable Accessories

2011-08-17 - Adjust position, size, color and more as you customize your characters.  Read More »

The Next Idolmaster Gravure Series is "School Outfits."

2011-08-17 - Take pics of the idols in school outfits and school swimwear.  Read More »

Keji Inafune Working With Idea Factory on Girls Love Sim

2011-08-17 - Take advice from Uncle Inafune on love and outsmarting crazy theme park employees.  Read More »

Elevator Action Deluxe is a Remake

2011-08-17 - PS3 downloadable title being developed by original staff. Release set for later this month.  Read More »

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