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First Look: Team 999's New Vita/3DS Adventure

2011-08-25 - Escape from elevators, bunnies and girls who lie about their cup sizes.  Read More »

First Look: Gundam Extreme VS PlayStation 3

2011-08-25 - Namco Bandai is finally bringing its popular arcade Gundam game home.  Read More »

PlayStation Vita Malicious is a Port

2011-08-24 - Alvion adding new content to portable version.  Read More »

PlayStation Vita New Little King Story Playable at Tokyo Game Show

2011-08-24 - Vita title has new story, touch controls, and more realistic character proportions.  Read More »

New Xbox 360 250 Gigabyte Bundle Includes Free Monster Hunter Frontier

2011-08-24 - Capcom and Microsoft bundle in the online Monster Hunter game but keep the price the same.  Read More »

Konami Holding Conference Tomorrow

2011-08-24 - New Love Plus Twitter promises announcement as well.  Read More »

Gundam Extreme VS Goes Playable at Tokyo Game Show

2011-08-24 - Developers detail the PS3 version of the arcade hit.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Screenshots

2011-08-24 - More beautiful HD screens from the PS3 remaster. Plus, direct shots of the startup screen bonus videos.  Read More »

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