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Gundam Extreme VS. Screenshots

2011-09-02 - The long awaited PlayStation 3 port of the arcade hit.  Read More »

Sega Shares Tokyo Game Show Lineup

2011-09-01 - Binary Domain, Rhythm Thief, Hatsune Miku, Sonic and more go playable.  Read More »

Sony Shares Lots of PlayStation Vita Screens

2011-09-01 - Persona 4, Dynasty Warriors Next, AR Combat DiGi Q and Gravity Daze.  Read More »

Two Resident Evil Chronicles Bundled Together

2011-09-01 - Wesker approves of this new bundle for Wii owners.  Read More »

Gladiator VS Screenshots

2011-09-01 - Acquire takes the Gladiator franchise HD on the PS3 with this online combat game.  Read More »

Capcom Shares Tokyo Game Show Lineup

2011-09-01 - Asura's Wrath, Sengoku Basara, SF x Tekken, Resident Evil and more to be playable.  Read More »

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