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Persona 4 The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena Screenshots

2011-09-08 - First full res shots of the Persona 4 fighter from the makers of BlazBlue.  Read More »

VanillaWare's Grand Knights History Tops the Charts

2011-09-08 - 3DS continues in top hardware spot as Devil Survivor remake debuts in top 10.  Read More »

Gal Gun PlayStation 3 Screenshots

2011-09-08 - Check out the infinitely superior looking PS3 version, which looks a million times better than its Xbox 360 counterpart.  Read More »

Persona 4 The Golden Screenshots

2011-09-08 - See the PlayStation Vita remake of Persona 4 in full resolution.  Read More »

Brave Company Screenshots

2011-09-07 - Namco Bandai's hero management simulation is set for both 3DS and iOS.  Read More »

First Beyond the Labyrinth Gameplay Details

2011-09-07 - Explore a 3D dungeon with the white-haired girl as your companion.  Read More »

Photo Girlfriend Delay Official

2011-09-07 - You won't get to take pics of your schoolgirl girlfriend later this month... but who knows what the future holds!  Read More »

Square Enix Hosting "Open Conference" For Developers

2011-09-07 - Company to hold private developers conference with session on next generation Luminous engine.  Read More »

These Were Famitsu's Nine PlayStation Vita Games

2011-09-07 - Can you guess which massive French publisher took up half the games?  Read More »

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