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Resident Evil Revelations Screenshots

2011-09-13 - The true 3DS Resident Evil is due for release in early 2012.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater Screenshots

2011-09-13 - Konami's Snake Eater remake is due out this Winter with Slide Pad Expansion support.  Read More »

Girl's RPG Screenshots

2011-09-13 - Level-5's latest 3DS title is being made by girls for girls!  Read More »

New Love Plus Screenshots and Product Pics

2011-09-13 - Konami has some bundles on the way for the 3DS Love Plus.  Read More »

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots

2011-09-13 - Select your Final Fantasy in the new 3DS rhythm title.  Read More »

Dynasty Warriors VS Screenshots

2011-09-13 - Get a look at the new type of Dynasty Warriors game for 3DS.  Read More »

Beyond the Labyrinth Screenshots

2011-09-13 - Actual gameplay shots from Konami and tri-Ace's 3DS dungeon RPG.  Read More »

Friend Collection 3DS Screenshots

2011-09-13 - Live with your wife and children in 3DS version of DS mega hit.  Read More »

Dynasty Warriors VS Multiplayer Detailed

2011-09-13 - Form a team of three generals and face off against three friends in the first 3DS Dynasty Warriors game.  Read More »

Meet Acquire's Gladiator Idol

2011-09-13 - Coming to the Tokyo Game Show to promote Gladiator Versus.  Read More »

Culdcept 3DS Screenshots

2011-09-13 - Nintendo and Omiya Soft bring the fan favorite card game to 3DS.  Read More »

Animal Crossing 3DS Screenshots

2011-09-13 - Build up your own village in the new 3DS version of Animal Crossing.  Read More »

Monster Hunter 4 Concept Video

2011-09-13 - The next step for Monster Hunter. Check out the debut trailer for the 3DS title here.  Read More »

Monster Hunter 3G Screens -- Part 2

2011-09-13 - Direct screenshots from the first 3DS Monster Hunter game.  Read More »

3DS Misty Pink Product Pics

2011-09-13 - Latest hardware color variation due in October.  Read More »

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