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First Look: Metal Gear Solid HD Edition Xbox 360 Avatar Items

2011-10-05 - Konami makes no free Metal Gear Solid and PSP Peace Walker sting a bit less.  Read More »

These May Be Marvelous AQL's Big Announcements

2011-10-05 - Social games, Harvest Moon and more from the newest game publisher.  Read More »

3DS Harvest Moon Detailed

2011-10-05 - Create a custom farm and custom character in early 2012.  Read More »

PS3 Owners Get Set For Download Content Hell With Idolmaster 2!

2011-10-05 - Plus, real producers explain how the Hatsune Miku collaboration came to be.  Read More »

Idolmaster Demo Dated

2011-10-05 - The other HD console gets Namco Bandai's idols next week.  Read More »

Make Your Own Puyos and Fields in 3DS Puyo Puyo

2011-10-05 - Sega shares screens and details for the latest 3DS, Wii and PSP Puyo Puyo games.  Read More »

Sonic Generations PS3 and Xbox 360 Screenshots

2011-10-05 - Orange Roofs and Seaside Hill in Classic and Modern Styles.  Read More »

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