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Has Keiji Inafune Become Idea Factory's Chief Producer?

2011-10-06 - Mysterious video hints at more unexpected collaborations for former Capcom development head.  Read More »

Keiji Inafune Details New 3DS Title King of Pirates

2011-10-06 - Former Capcom superstar knows you want bloody zombie games... but he really wanted to make Pirate Sangokushi.  Read More »

Kirby Wii Screenshots

2011-10-06 - The new console Kirby game hits Wii on October 27.  Read More »

Monster Hunter 3G Comes Bundled with Original 3DS System

2011-10-06 - Capcom and Nintendo readying hardware bundles for major year end 3DS title.  Read More »

Nintendo Bundles Wii With Pink Wiimote and Wii Party

2011-10-06 - System retains same price with all the bonus stuff included.  Read More »

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