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Time Traveler's Story Detailed

2011-10-12 - Mysterious space elevator rises from Tokyo in the year 2031.  Read More »

Are You "Ready" For Idolmaster 2's Demo?

2011-10-12 - Do you see what I did there? If not, then you will see what I did there once you've read the story.  Read More »

More Guild 01 Details

2011-10-12 - What are Yasumi Matsuno, Yoot Saito and the comedian guy up to?  Read More »

Resident Evil Revelation's Slide Pad Expansion Detailed

2011-10-12 - No surprises about the Slide Pad use, but we do have a release date!  Read More »

Level-5's Time Travelers Also Due for PlayStation Vita

2011-10-12 - Jiro Ishii's 3DS adventure gets some new platforms. Release planned for 2012.  Read More »

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Screenshots

2011-10-12 - Latest screens show the pre-order exclusive F-4E PhantomII, along with the F-15E Strike Eagle, F/A-18F Super Hornet and the F-16F Fighting Falcon.  Read More »

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