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Fantasy Life Level-5 World Trailer

2011-10-16 - Level-5 and Brownie Brown's long awaited collaboration arrives next year on 3DS.  Read More »

Youkai Watch Level-5 World Trailer

2011-10-16 - Level-5's next cross media franchise to follow Inazuma Eleven and Little Battler eXperience.  Read More »

Guild 01 Trailers

2011-10-16 - Straight from Level-5 World, first footage of Level-5's experimental 3DS title.  Read More »

Girls RPG Screenshots

2011-10-15 - 3DS hostess sim/RPG now due for release in February, with cameos from Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask and Glass Mask's Masumi Hayami.  Read More »

1,200 Is Sony's Lucky Number

2011-10-15 - Nikkei says over 1,000 show up at Akihabara retailer for Vita pre-launch.  Read More »

Time Travelers Artwork

2011-10-15 - Now with space elevator that doesn't actually go into space.  Read More »

Youkai Watch Screenshots

2011-10-15 - Level-5's new franchise spans games, anime and manga.  Read More »

Level-5 Vision 2011 Live Blog

2011-10-15 - This year's festival of Akihiro Hino promises new announcements (most of which have already leaked out, but read anyway!)  Read More »

Hundreds Line Up For PlayStation Vita Pre-orders

2011-10-15 - Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara draws over 500 people for early morning pre-order start.  Read More »

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