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Final Fantasy Type 0 Ten Minute Opening

2011-10-26 - Why are my sweet little chocobos covered in blood?  Read More »

Idolmaster 2 May Have Macross Crossover

2011-10-26 - Plus, hints at additional Vocaloid tie-ups, and appearances from the DS idols.  Read More »

Cool Boarders, Warriors of Fate Now On PSN

2011-10-26 - Three PlayStation classics available on Game Archives today.  Read More »

Spike Brings Maid Cafe Sim "Maid Paradise" to PSP

2011-10-26 - Gachitora mini game being updated for full download release.  Read More »

Facts About Conception

2011-10-26 - Save the world by birthin' stock RPG characters with a dozen girls. Oh, and your cousin is pregnant.  Read More »

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