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First Look: Ninja Gaiden Musou

2011-11-05 - Ryu Hayabusa makes an appearance in the new Musou Orochi.  Read More »

Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die Screenshots

2011-11-04 - Chunsoft's escape adventure game is set for February 16 release.  Read More »

Idolmaster 2 Gravure 4 You Vol.4 Screenshots

2011-11-04 - The fourth Gravure 4 You anime and PS3 game hybrid arrives in January.  Read More »

Sony Reducing PSP and PS3 Download Title Activation Count

2011-11-04 - Starting November 18, you'll be able to activate your games on just two systems.  Read More »

Instant Brain Screenshots

2011-11-04 - Our latest look at Makoto Asada's Kinect-ready adventure game.  Read More »

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