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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

2011-11-18 - Monster raising, the Historia Crux system and more!  Read More »

Instant Brain Has the Creepiest Bug Ever

2011-11-18 - Old man takes over the screen in Cave's new adventure game.  Read More »

This is Live Action Ni no Kuni

2011-11-17 - Commercials show what a live action version of Studio Ghibli game might look like.  Read More »

Hatsune Miku Plays Golf

2011-11-17 - Virtual idol featured in crossover with online golf game Pangya.  Read More »

Lord of Apocalypse Trailer

2011-11-17 - Four minutes of footage to get you pumped for the demo that's due later this month.  Read More »

Play it! Take it! PS3!

2011-11-17 - Sony opens holiday promotional site for PlayStation 3.  Read More »

Cave Brings Bug Princess Shooter to iPhone

2011-11-17 - More iOS bullet hell from the shooting masters.  Read More »

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