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Nippon Ichi CEO Hints at Big Things to Come

2011-11-21 - We may get a look at a big Nippon Ichi title before the end of the year.  Read More »

Falcom Eyes PlayStation 3 Support

2011-11-21 - CEO says sights are set on PS3, although development continues on PSP and Vita.  Read More »

Code of Princess Screenshots

2011-11-21 - The latest screens from Agatsuma's Guardian Heroes-ish 3DS action title.  Read More »

Social Phantasy Star Begins Service Today

2011-11-21 - Play Phantasy Star Eternal Planets in the browser.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Dissolving Tales Studio

2011-11-21 - Studio to be absorbed back into Namco Bandai Games fold.  Read More »

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