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Nintendo's Releases First Paid 3DS Download Content

2012-02-14 - Download Mario themes for 3DS photo decoration app at 100 yen a pop.  Read More »

One Piece Musou Has 500,000 Orders

2012-02-14 - Gold PS3 system has first-ever manufacturing process.  Read More »

One Piece Pirate Musou Screenshots

2012-02-14 - Namco Bandai's pairing of One Piece and Dynasty Warriors hits on March 1.  Read More »

Anubis ZOE HD Trophy Icons

2012-02-13 - Kojima provides a sneak peak at one of ZOE HD's new features.  Read More »

Nomura Expects Metal Gear Solid 5 in Fiscal 2014

2012-02-13 - Securities firm raises Konami outlook due to strong social games performance and greater development focus.  Read More »

Lollipop Chainsaw Screenshots

2012-02-13 - The weapons, the moves and the costumes from Grashopper's new action title.  Read More »

PlayStation Vita Little King Story Dated

2012-02-13 - Vimake of the Marvelous Wii title arrives in March.  Read More »

Get Your Love Plus Tools AR Cards

2012-02-13 - Take pics of life size versions of your digital girlfriends now!  Read More »

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