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Kingdom Hearts 3D Tops the Charts

2012-04-05 - Plus, find out which system has the most baseball spirit!  Read More »

New .hack//Versus Characters Announced

2012-04-05 - First look at Tsukasa, Ouan, and Sakuya, plus details about the story mode.  Read More »

Tokitowa Screenshots

2012-04-05 - Our best look yet at Imageepoch's animation-heavy PS3 RPG.  Read More »

Killer is Dead Concept Art

2012-04-05 - Worldwide release planned for Suda and Grashopper's latest.  Read More »

Tokyo Jungle's Packaging

2012-04-04 - Will you be the last pomeranian standing in Shibuya?  Read More »

Akiba's Trip Update Announced for PSP

2012-04-04 - Full voice and super hard mode for Akihabara vampire hunters.  Read More »

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